Government Support

For communities that want to go 100% renewable, engaging your local government is crucial. A local elected official, such as a town supervisor or board member, tends to be accessible to community members and has the authority to push for adoption of policies that will advance the 100% renewable energy goal.

reLI assists by:

1) Advocating for renewable-friendly policies

reLI promotes government policies that encourage renewable energy use. Some examples of policies we stand behind include New York State’s approval for offshore wind development, the LIPA solar feed-in tariffs and expanded solar net metering.

2) Partnering with local governments

reLI played a key role in the Town of East Hampton, New York’s recently announced goal to meet 100% of its electricity needs with renewable energy sources by 2020. We have also aided in East Hampton’s review of solar energy proposals and have advised on other energy matters as well. We hope to expand our work with local governments who are interested in knowing more about renewable energy use.


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