Community Initiative

Forward on Climate Rally 2013

It could be said that if a community truly wants to go 100% renewable, they will find a way to get there. Governments and electricity utilities exist to serve the people. If the people want something and they make it known, it will happen.

reLI assists by:

1) Partnering with local environmental and public interest groups

We collaborate with and support select community groups by co-organizing meetings and events, serving as a resource for up-to-date facts on renewable energy and climate change and providing support tasks to keep volunteer-powered projects going strong.

2) Encouraging customer-sided renewable energy on Long Island

Positive consumer choices can do a lot to bring a community towards the goal of 100% renewable energy. reLI offers a custom database to connect Long Island homeowners and business-owners to solar and wind energy companies. In addition we offer 1-on-1 support to prospective customers to go over the basic facts of wind and solar power. Prospective customers should also use our Get Clean Energy page to learn more.

3) Inspiring our network through social media

reLI keeps our more than 2,100 Facebook followers and 8,000 email recipients informed on the progress of global 100% renewable energy efforts through generating blogs and posting news stories, videos and opportunities to get more involved in the movement.

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