board of directors

Dr. Thomas A. Butcher, Ph.D.
Brookhaven National Laboratory*

Scott Cullen
GRACE Energy Initiative*

Thomas Muse
Muse Design*

Gordian Raacke

Dieter von Lehsten

Marianne Zacharia, CHES

Dr. Thomas A. Butcher, Ph.D.

Thomas Muse

Marianne Zacharia

Executive Director
Gordian Raacke

*Affiliations listed for identification purposes only

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  • Jose Beltran
    commented 2019-06-18 19:49:37 -0400
    Mr. Raacke. My name is Jose Beltran, I have looked at your YouTube video about your 100% renewable energy. I agree and I have the pleasure to let you know that I have found the solution of helping start the process of changing the way we produce energy. You said that if there was a better way to produce energy you like to see it! . I have found the way to to produce vast amount of Clean Green, sustainable renewable reliable energy. There is a better way to solve the energy crisis and get to the point at 100% all the way from the beginning to end, from building the power plant to final product, and not only that but a better and closer way to the distribution, with out the need of long grids. My new Hydro Energy Power Plant will change the way we produce energy in the future. My power plant is 100% sustainable with out the need of any fossil fuels or any vapor to move, it works with water and gravity, this is a new technology and a new discovery in the way we can provide the future demand of the needed cleaner energy in the world with out the terrible environmental impacts that the old energy company’s have done.
    Please contact me at. [email protected] thank you looking forward to of speaking with you.