This page discussed small wind turbine technology for homes and businesses. If you are interested in offshore wind power, click here.


Small (backyard) wind turbines use wind energy to produce clean, emissions-free power for a home, farm, or small business. With this simple technology, individuals can generate their own power and cut electric bills while helping to protect the environment. As with solar PV, small wind turbines are connected to the utility grid and net-metered, and typically pay for themselves in 5-10 years.

Is Your Property Suitable for a Wind Turbine?

  1. Typically, a property of one acre or more is needed to provide at least a 300 ft. radius around the windmill. Also, the tower must be tall enough so that the bottom of the blades are at least 30 feet above any obstacles.

  2. The economics of a wind system are very sensitive to the average wind speeds.  Your property should have at least a 10-mph average wind speed.

Cost and Financial Incentives

The cost of a wind energy system can vary based on a number of factors, including turbines size, tower height, and layout of your property.

As a rule of thumb, the installed cost of a system could be $6,000 or more per kW of turbine capacity (i.e a 10 kW turbine would cost $60,000 installed).

PSEG Long Island offers rebates of up to $56,000 for residential (up to $200,000 for commercial and municipal) wind turbines.

Additionally, an income tax credit of 30 percent is available from the Federal Government.

With these attractive financial incentives, the net cost of a 10 kW turbine which would otherwise cost around $60,000 installed can be as little as $17,000.

If you're interested in getting wind energy for your home, business, municipality or school, contact reLI at [email protected]

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