Offshore Wind: Letters of Support

The organizations below (and others) have been hard at work advocating for construction of the first Long Island offshore wind park, as well as other large-scale renewable energy projects. Letters are listed in PDF form below the logos. 




"Our national, state, and local organizations are united in support of responsible development of offshore wind power, and we urge New York to take pride in leading the nation toward this shining clean energy frontier." 

"U.S. can benefit from years of lessons learned across the Atlantic and start America’s next energy chapter with the advanced technology and expertise available today to build projects far offshore, where the stronger wind resource provides even greater environmental and economic benefits."

Offshore Wind Advocacy Sign-On Letter to Governor Cuomo | March 26, 2014

Alliance for Clean Energy New York, Alliance for a Green Economy, Citizens Campaign for the Environment, Environmental Advocates of New York, NY Smart Power, Environmental Defense Fund, Environment New York, Long Island Progressive Coalition, National Wildlife Federation, Clean Energy Council, Natural Resources Defense Council, New York League of Conservation Voters, New York Public Interest Research Group, North Fork Environmental Council, Oceana, Pace Energy & Climate Center, Renewable Energy Long Island, Save the Sound, Sierra Club, Sustainability Institute at Molloy College, Vision Long Island 

"Now is the time to deepen the commitment to wind energy resources, both onshore and off. New wind energy development will not only enable New York to get back on track in meeting our renewable energy targets, but will also provide emission-free power, help us guard against volatile fossil fuel prices, and contribute substantially to local economic development."

Offshore Wind Advocacy Sign-On Letter to Governor Cuomo | December 4, 2013
Alliance for Clean Energy New YorkŸ, Citizens Campaign for the EnvironmentŸ, Environmental Advocates of New YorkŸ, Natural Resources Defense CouncilŸ, New York League of Conservation VotersŸ, New York Public Interest Research GroupŸ, Pace Energy and Climate CenterŸ, Renewable Energy Long IslandŸ, Sierra Club 

"Investing in a large, utility-scale offshore wind project as part of the 280 MW RFP would address many of the stated key objectives of the [Utility 2.0] Plan by increasing fuel diversity, modernizing Long Island’s clean energy infrastructure, enhancing system resiliency and reliability, and creating jobs on Long Island."

Joint Comments on PSEG-Long Island Utility 2.0 (Updated) | October 21, 2014
Sierra Club, Renewable Energy Long Island, Environmental Advocates of New York, Alliance for Clean Energy New York, Citizens Campaign for the Environment, Natural Resources Defense Council, National Wildlife Federation, Pace Law School

(*See the joint comments to an earlier PSEG-Long Island Utility 2.0 Plan here

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