Offshore Wind Statements

Quotes on Offshore Wind Power from Long Island Officials and Leaders

Offshore wind farm

"New York is on the threshold of creating a significant market opportunity for offshore wind power through LIPA’s 280 MW renewable energy request for proposals. Making the commitment to move forward with a significant offshore wind project this year will not only help New York further its state-wide carbon reduction and renewable energy goals but will create hundreds of Long-Island based jobs in the short term and positions Long Island to serve as a major regional hub for the U.S. offshore wind industry in the long term."  Joint letter to Governor Andrew Cuomo by 14 members of the Long Island Delegation of the NYS Assembly (click here for the full letter)

 "[Deepwater ONE] would greatly bolster the East End's energy reliability, be environmentally friendly and help stabilize rates for residents. The proposed wind farm would be located 30 miles offshore, so it would have little or no impact on any community...Deepwater Wind has my support."   Kenneth P. LaValle, NYS Senator (click here for the full statement)

 "Deepwater Wind's project can be an important part of addressing the East End's energy challenges, both near-term and long-term. By producing most of its energy during the middle of the day, when LIPA needs it most, Deepwater Wind's proposal is likely to help stabilize rates." Assemblyman Fred W. Thiele, Jr.  (click here for the full statement)

 "One of the areas of renewable energy that we, as Long Islanders, can rally behind is Offshore Wind. While Upstate New York reaps the benefits of cheap hydropower, we have to play to our strength here on Long Island." Phil Boyle, NYS Senator (click here for the full statement)

"Particularly notable in the Deepwater proposal is its potential as a generator of jobs...Given our location, Long Island is ideally positioned to serve as a hub for the U.S. offshore wind industry, which would be a welcome boost for an economy that lost a vast number of defense industry jobs." Steven Bellone, Suffolk County Executive (click here for the full statement)

 "Offshore wind is important for Long Island as a source of cost-effective clean energy. As an abundant domestic energy resource, offshore wind can be a big part of the energy portfolio for Long Island's future. And, unlike energy generated by fossil fuels, the cost of energy from offshore wind is 100% predictable. This is especially important here on Long Island, where we need greater rate stability and certainty to attract new businesses." Edward P. Romaine, Supervisor, Town of Brookhaven, NY (click here for the full statement)

 "Our community is embracing solar PV, advanced battery storage systems and on- and offshore wind energy to fulfill our [100%] renewable energy goals. We respectfully request the LIPA Board to full honor and commit to the RFPs and what our community is embracing and encouraging. We ask that LIPA biard decisions not hinder our community goals." East Hampton Town Supervisor Larry Cantwell, Deputy Supervisor Peter Van Scoyoc, Councilwoman Sylvia Overby, Councilwoman Kathee Burkee-Gonzales (click here for the full letter)

"Long Island should be a hub of offshore wind development. With our strategic location centered on the East Coast and an advanced supply chain from the aerospace industry, the region is poised to lead. Let’s put our men and women back to work — on a project that could propel a new American energy industry."  John Durso, President, Long Island Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO, and the president of Local 338, RWDSU/UFCW. (click here to read the full NY Daily News Opinion piece)

"By planning now for the transmission and generation of offshore wind energy, New York can be sure that this great resource will provide reliable clean energy to the public and substantial job opportunities to our skilled workforce for decades.... We believe Long Island is ideally placed to become a hub for offshore wind development considering its geography, access to skilled trades, manufacturing and the potential to develop port facilities."   Roger Clayman, Executive Director, Long Island Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO (click here for the full statement)

"Faced with the burden of utility bills that threatens the competitive position of the Long Island economy, our membership seeks and supports those initiatives that will strategically lessen our dependency on fossil fuels and address the seasonal commodity price spikes that seriously harm every energy consumer. This wind farm proposal will tackle these problems, and we are urging the Long Island Power Authority to proceed with all due speed in making this proposal a reality."  Desmond Ryan, Executive Director, Association for a Better Long Island (click here to read the press release from ABLI)

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