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ACTION ALERT: Tell LIPA to bring Clean Energy to Long Island

Is Offshore Wind Power Coming to Long Island? 
In response to Long Islanders’ demands for cleaner power, last year LIPA committed to purchasing 280MW of new renewable energy, enough to power 150,000 homes. The LIPA Board of Trustees is expected to decide on this new power source by the end of the year. Choosing offshore wind would make New York’s first offshore wind farm a reality.

"One of the areas of renewable energy that we, as Long Islanders, can rally behind is Offshore Wind. While Upstate New York reaps the benefits of cheap hydropower, we have to play to our strength here on Long Island." 
    - Phil Boyle, NYS Senator 

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News12 poll on offshore wind 10/30/2014


The majority of Long Islanders supports an offshore wind farm proposed for 30 miles east of Montauk Point.

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