South Fork Energy Forum Summary

Summary of the June 15 South Fork Clean Energy Forum

Gordian Raacke presents clean energy building blocks ClintPlummer(WS)_SFCEF.jpg2016-06-15_18.29.57.jpg2016-06-15_18.06.17.jpgLarryCantwell_SFCEF.jpgJohnRhodes_SFCEF.jpg

On June 15, 2016 Renewable Energy Long Island, along with a number of cosponsors, organized the South Fork Clean Energy Forum, to discuss with community leaders how to build a smarter, more affordable, more resilient energy system for the South Fork of Long Island. At the forum, experts presented exciting new plans to make the South Fork a leader in clean energy.

The South Fork Clean Energy Forum was the first time the public was able to get an in-depth look at the various building blocks and proposals for a new energy system for the South Fork. It was also the first energy forum ever co-sponsored by both towns, and the first one to be broadcast in both towns.

The forum was held at LTV Studio 3, in Wainscott, NY and about 100 people had registered to attend the event.

Click on the links to presenters' Slide Decks below to view their PowerPoint presentations or prepared remarks.

The entire forum was filmed by LTV and is available on Channel 20 or as video on demand.
Click here for Part 1 video.
Click here for Part 2 video.

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Forum Summary and Presentation Links

Session I

3:00 PM - Welcome & Program Overview

3:15 PM - Resiliency for the South Fork

Presenter: Michael McDonald, East End Resilience Network

"South Fork residents and their communities face serious threats to their health, human security, resilience, and sustainability in the years ahead.  Superstorm Sandy was a wake-up call.  It is time to shift to distributed control of renewable energy and the broader energy matrix in the South Fork Grid with significant benefits to South Fork residents and the local economy. " - Michael McDonald, East End Resilience Network

View Slide Deck: Distributed Collectively Intelligent Grids, South Fork Resilience Scenario Planning

3:30 PM - A Smarter, More Resilient Energy Grid for the South Fork

Presenter: Santiago Grijalva, GeorgiaTech Advanced Computational Electricity Systems Laboratory; ProsumerGrid Inc.

 "This presentation presents research on prosumer-based decentralized power system control and how the South Fork could benefit from decentralized models, and integrated simulations of distributed energy grids."
– Santiago Grijalva, ProsumerGrid Inc.

View Slide Deck: Building a Prosumer Grid for the South Fork

3:45 PM - Bringing Wind Mills Back to the East End

Presenter: Clint Plummer, VP, Deepwater Wind

"In order to supply the South Fork with a clean, reliable, cost-effective source of energy, Deepwater Wind plans to build an offshore wind farm 30 miles off the coast of Montauk, which will supply enough energy for 50,000 Long Island homes." – Clint Plummer, Deepwater Wind

View Slide Deck: An Offshore Wind Farm for the South Fork

4:00 PM - Paying Customers for NOT Riding the Roller Coaster

Presenter: Pravin Bhagat, Comverge

"Comverge background and solutions, and how they apply to South Fork." - Pravin Bhagat

View Slide Deck: Demand Response Challenges and Opportunities

4:15 PM - How to Avoid the Roller Coaster Ride

Presenter: Tim Ash, Market Director, AES Energy Storage

"Large scale energy storage helps eliminate the need for new power plants and transmission on the South Fork, supports greater integration of renewable energy, and improves the reliability and resilience of the electric power grid."  - Tim Ash, AES Energy Storage

View Slide Deck: Utility-scale Energy Storage: Part of a Clean Energy Solution for the South Fork

4:30 PM - A New Electric Grid for the South Fork?

Presenter: Dirk van Ouwerkerk, Lead Partner, Anbaric Microgrid

"As renewables have now become economically viable energy resources, the grid itself has become the obstacle. Much like the control tower at JFK airport can’t manage the flights going to the smaller Montauk airport, the NY Independent System Operator’s control room in Albany can’t manage the individual resources in the South Fork. Anbaric proposes to install a controls platform that shifts the paradigm from macrogrid to microgrid and thereby enables all local and regional resources. Only a local control platform can harvest and optimize local resources and truly start replacing the need for large central power plants.”  - Dirk van Ouwerkerk, Anbaric Microgrid

View Slide Deck: A Microgrid Platform for the South Fork 

4:45 PM - Here & Now: Let's Build a Renewable & Resilient Energy System

Presenter: Gordian Raacke, Executive Director, Renewable Energy Long Island

"To make the transition to a resilient and 100 percent renewable energy system on the South Fork, we need to assemble the appropriate building blocks and combine them in the right way. We now have everything we need for the job: smart Microgrid technology as a platform for intelligent local grid management, energy efficiency and peak demand management, rooftop and larger scale solar, offshore wind power, combined heat and power generation, and community choice aggregation are just some of the technologies and tools we need to integrate into a sustainable energy system powered by locally available energy sources.”  - Gordian Raacke, Renewable Energy Long Island

View Slide Deck: Choosing Our Energy Future

Session II

5:00 PM - Keynote by John B. Rhodes, President & CEO, NYSERDA 


5:15 PM - We've got a Problem - We got Solutions

Speaker: David Daly, President & CEO, PSEG Long Island

Title of Talk: South Fork Electric Needs

5:30 PM - The View from East Hampton

Speaker: Larry Cantwell, Supervisor, Town of East Hampton

“We are at a crossroads for the energy future on the South Fork. We know we face a serious, imminent, and growing deficit of electricity supply on the South Fork. We know the Town of East Hampton wants a 100% renewable option. I believe a strong renewable option is consistent with Governor Cuomo’s goals for the State. I believe PSEG will see the value in meeting the needs of the South Fork with renewable energy and conservation. Like the open-space plan of 40 years ago when we raised our hands to save open space, we raise our hands again for a renewable energy future.”
– Larry Cantwell, East Hampton Town Supervisor

View Remarks by Larry Cantwell

5:45 PM - The View from Southampton

Presenter: Francis Zappone, Deputy Supervisor, Southampton Town

"As a community, we are encouraged by the Governor’s call for more renewable energy sources. We know that old solutions (conventional fossil fuel power generation) cannot be brought to bear to address today’s energy needs. Both East Hampton and Southampton have laid out rigorous renewable energy goals for themselves." - Francis Zappone, Deputy Supervisor, Southampton Town

View Remarks by Francis Zappone

6:00 PM - You Got A Smartphone. Now How About Your Thermostat?

Presenter: Lynn Arthur, PeakPower LI

"What can homeowners do this summer to lower their electric bills, decrease the amount of CO2 generated by power plants, and strengthen the grid." – Lynn Arthur, PeakPower Long Island

View Slide Deck: You Got A Smartphone. Now How About Your Thermostat?

6:15 PM - Power in Numbers

Presenter: Mike Gordon, Glenn Weinberg, Joule Assets

"What can your municipality do now to create clean and affordable energy? What can your residents do now to achieve the same?" – Glenn Weinberg, Joule Assets

View Slide Deck: Empowering Consumers

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Session III

6:30 PM - Break-out Groups & Tables

Table 1: Get your Free Home Energy Assessment (led by Chuck Schwartz, LI Green Homes)

Table 2: Get your Free Solar Rooftop Assessment (led by Andrew Smith, GreenLogic)

Table 3: Montauk (led by Jeremy Samuelson, CCoM)

Table 4: Offshore Wind (led by Deepwater Wind)

Table 5: Microgrid (Anbaric Microgrid, Michael McDonald, Santiago Grijalva)

Table 6: Energy Storage (led by AES Energy Storage)

Table 7: Energy Efficiency, Demand Response (led by Lynn Arthur, Peak Power LI)

Table 8: Buildings and Built Environment (led by Bill Chaleff, Chaleff & Rogers Architects; Frank Dalene, Telemark Construction)


7:00 PM - Wrap Up Summary (Brief Summaries by Speakers)

7:15 PM - Networking

Event Co-Sponsors 

Event MCs: Minerva Perez, Executive Director, OLA of Eastern Long Island; 

Linda James, Board Member Renewable Energy Long Island, Town of East Hampton Energy Sustainability Committee.

Stage Manager: Kate Mueth 

The event was filmed and will be broadcast on LTV in East Hampton and SEA-TV in Southampton

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