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Currently over 14,000 homes and businesses on Long Island derive all or part of their electricity from the sun. The cost of solar panels has been dropping steadily over time, and between rebates offered by PSEG-Long Island and federal and state tax credits, in most cases solar energy systems are paid off in 5-10 years. Once paid off, aside from a modest fee connecting you to the grid, the electricity your panels generate is free.

And now you can own a solar electric system without putting down cash! NY State's new reduced-interest rate loans for solar energy systems are repaid through an installment charge on your utility bill. Your monthly electric savings pay off the loan and you get all the benefits of making your own power! Click here to learn more, then find a solar contractor to get started.

If you're interested in getting solar for your home, business, municipality or school, reLI offers a "Find-a-Contractor" search to connect you with solar installers on Long Island. 


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