Dieter von Lehsten bio

Bio: Dieter von Lehsten 

Dieter von Lehsten was born in 1940 in Hamburg Germany.


He graduation from Kings School of Business in England in 1959 and the School of Economics, Hamburg in 1963. Subsequently he worked for 18 years in the shipping and transportation industry (HAPAG/LLOYD and Columbus Line).

During that time he was stationed in Australia and New Zealand and in 1968 was transferred to the USA, New York City.

In 1977 he started his own Management & Marketing Consulting Business in New York. He retired in 2007.

Having in the past always been involved in nature - and wildlife conservation (Trustee of The Nature Conservancy,L.I. and WISDOM, Zimbabwe), the environment and alternate energies, he now dedicates time to those causes in his home town Southampton.

In 2010 he joined the Sustainability Advisory Committee of the Town of Southampton and was elected Co-Chairman in 2012.


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