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Eighth Annual Sustainability Conference 04/04/14  at 8:00 AM

Small Scale Wind Workshop 04/09/14  at 9:00 AM

Long Island Geothermal Energy Organization Meeting 04/09/14  at 9:00 AM

Small Scale Wind Workshop 04/10/14  at 9:00 AM

Small Scale Wind Workshop 04/11/14  at 9:00 AM

EmPower Solar Student Competition Contest Deadline 04/11/14  at 12:00 PM

Climate Justice Conference of Solutions Registration 04/12/14  at 8:30 AM


Citizens Climate Lobby - Climate Solutions Workshop  04/23/14  at 6:00 PM

Advanced Energy Conference 2014 04/28/14  at 8:30 AM

Advanced Energy Conference 2014 04/29/14  at 8:30 AM


PSEG Long Island Home Energy Programs - Want to save energy and dollars? PSEG Long Island can help. ...

PSEG Long Island Commercial Efficiency Programs - Save on energy costs for your business....

PSEG-Long Island Solar Hot Water Program info - PSEG-Long Island residential customers should check out...

SunshineIsFree: Make Your Own Energy - Take advantage of PSEG Long Island's cash rebates for Solar...


Energy Efficiency on saving energy, money, and the environment

Energy-Saving Tips for Homes, Businesses, and Government Offices:

Whether you own a home or rent, whether you work for a private business or in a government office, you can do your part to save energy on Long Island.
If we all do our share to save energy, we reduce the need to build more power plants, cut down on harmful air emissions, and save money. 

Get a Check-up for your Home

Home Performance ProgramThe best way to save money on utility bills at home is to start with an energy audit by a BPI accredited professional.
You can call PSEG Long Island's Home Performance Program at 877-378-2754 to determine your eligibility and schedule a Comprehensive Home Audit.

Click here for more information.

Sixty-Six Ways to Save Energy

LIPA Energy Saving TipsWhile the pros can save you a lot of money when you decide to get a home energy check and upgrade, there a lot of things you can do yourself. For some energy-savy ideas, check out these
66 Energy Saving Tips from PSEG Long Island (also available as a brochure)
Click here to download (pdf) 

NEW: Check your Standby-Losses

co2online logoHere you learn how much electricity your household consumes when no one is cooking, ironing, washing or watching television. And how much of that you can save. Just take 3 electricity meter readings over 24 hours - late night, early morning and late night - and enter them into this online StandbyCheck.
Click here for the StandbyCheck

Here are some more energy efficiency tips for homes and workplaces...

At Home:

  • When replacing appliances or televisions, shop for ENERGY STAR labels
  • Give your fridge a check-up: defrost, check seals, clean coils
  • Set A/C temperature to 78 F in the summer and keep it at 68 F in the winter. Install programmable thermostats to avoid leaving the A/C or heat on all the time.
  • At night, use air conditioners in bedrooms only (or use fans)
  • Close window shades on hot and sunny days
  • Improve airflow by making sure that heating return vents are clear of furniture and rugs
  • Replace your screens with storm windows in the fall to provide an extra barrier to the cold air.
  • Caulk and weather strip around windows and doors to prevent uncontrolled air leakage
  • Seal and insulate your heating ducts to improve the efficiency of your heating system by up to 20 percent
  • Replace conventional bulbs with ENERGY STAR qualified CFLs or LEDs.
  • Use task lights, dim room lights, turn outdoor lights off when not needed
  • Do laundry and dishes at night or in the morning, skip the dryer cycle. Hang your clothes outside when it's warm and experience that fresh-air scent!
  • Set pool pump to run during off peak periods (after 8 PM). If you need to replace your pump, look for dual or variable-speed pumps.
  • Turn off or unplug appliances when not in use and/or use advanced power strips that allow you to completely turn off multiple appliances at the same time
  • Use power-saving features on your computer or laptop and avoid using a screen saver.
  • Lower the brightness on your television and computer.
  • Install low-flow showerheads, wrap water heater and adjust to 120 F, or 140 F if you use a dishwasher
  • Have a Comprehensive Home Assessment done to your house to measure overall energy performance through NYSERDA's residential programs: Click here to get started.

  • At Work:

  • Set A/C temperature to 78 F, install programmable thermostat
  • With A/C on, keep windows and doors closed, use shades where possible
  • Use fans to improve air circulation
  • Use task lights instead of room lights, turn off lights at night, in outdoors
  • Minimize use of incandescent or halogen lighting, use fluorescent instead
  • Use display lighting sparingly, install timers to turn off late at night
  • Enable power management on personal computers and copiers
  • Turn off or unplug all infrequently used equipment
  • Turn computers and copiers off at closing time
  • Unplug transformers plugged into outlets when not in use
  • Purchase only ENERGY STAR labeled office equipment
  • When ordering equipment, be sure to specify high energy efficiency rating

  • For more tips, visit: 
    LIPA Energy Saving Tips (66 Ways to Save Energy)
    NYSERDA's residential energy saving tips
    US Department of Energy Energ Efficiency Basics for Homes
    Rocky Mountain Institute: Deep Energy Retrofits for Commercial Buildings

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